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  • Natural Brightening
  • Firming
  • Silk Paper

Rice is rich in vitamin B5 and γ-oryzanol. It offers natural anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation effects to repair damaged skin cells. Phytic acid in rice enhances skin"s natural cell renewal, Arbutin from bearberry inhibits melanin synthesis.  Carnosine in smaller molecular weight helps protect skin proteins (primarily collagen) from glycation to defer aging process and restore natural, bright skin gently.

Use: Place the mask on a cleansed and toned face for 15-20 min. Massage the residual essence until fully absorbed. Rinse the face as needed.


米面膜 5片


  • 自然亮白
  • 緊緻
  • 蠶絲紙




用法: 於已清潔及基本補濕的面上敷15-20分鐘,把餘下精華輕按面部加強吸收,再按個人喜好用清水洗面。




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