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*Clean Beauty (free from Sulfate, Silicone, Phenoxyethanol, Parabens)

*Soothing with Vitamin B5 & Aleo Vera

*Scent & Feature:

  Calming Geranium - infused with peptide complex for antiaging and firming

  Joyful Lavender -  infused with maple syrup to enhance skin barrier

  Refreshing Citrus - infused with licorice essence for skin brightening effect

  Relaxing Chamomile - infused with organic oat extract to calm sensitive skin


Key Ingredients: Canada Crambe Seed Oil (moisturizing), Vitamin B5 (hydrating)

A weekly acidic skin cleanser offers good compatibility with skin and cleanse skin gently.  

Use: Apply the foam on skin directly and cleanse with water.



海甘藍潔膚液 200ml (refill) / 300ml


*純淨配方 (不含硫酸鹽、硅油、苯氧乙醇、對羥基苯甲酸酯類)



  舒緩天竺葵 - 添加複合多肽,抗老緊緻

  愉悅薰衣草 - 添加楓葉糖,強化皮膚屏障

  清新橘子 - 添加甘草精華,亮白皮膚

  減壓洋甘菊 - 添加有機燕麥,鎮靜敏感皮膚


主要成份: 加拿大海甘藍籽油(潤膚).維他命B5(補濕).蘆薈(舒敏)




用法: 直接將泡沫於皮膚按摩,用水沖洗。




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