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Essential Oil

what are we doing?

from lab. is a concept store of Happy Return Fragrances  creating daily products for your needs. 

Specializing in research and development in personal care and scent, from lab. is dedicated to providing professional development, regulatory and production services from personal need such as daily skincare, wedding gifts to commercial need including private-label product development and team-building workshops. 


We offer high flexibility for you to create your products or own brands.  Order quantity at from lab. starts from 1 piece to any amount your need.  Contact us to discuss whenever you have ideas.


Established in Hong Kong since 1999, Happy Return Fragrances offers quality and tailor-made fragrances for the beauty & home fragrance industry.  In 2022, a technical team from lab. specializing in beauty product development for Salon and Private Label was setup.  It provides full-service in Packaging Sourcing, Formulation Development, Product Testing, Regulatory Support and Production. 

from lab. team leader 

“I love science.  After graduation with BSc in Biochemistry in a local university, I have been working in several R&D laboratories.  Thanks to my mentors, I experienced a lot of trials and errors during formulating works which cannot be obtained from study.  I have chances to formulate products for the multinational brands, as well as learning product safety and regulations worldwide.  Thereafter, I realized I also have to care myself so I started to select safe and effective products.  However, it is not an easy task since most market products are cost-oriented.  At from lab., I wish to utilize my experiences to create and look for something which are safe and valuable to life.”

KW - cosmetic R&D & Regulatory chemist

Lab Worker
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